Business Coach & Marketing Strategist helping beauty entrepreneurs scale to 6 figure, 7 figures & beyond.

1:1 & group coaching for entrepreneurs at every level.

Hi, I'm Sheila Bella

I grew a million dollar microblading business in three years. Seven years later, two Beverly Hills locations, dozens of employees, and a 400 person live event, I lost it all overnight in March of 2020.
I had to pivot. I borrowed money to hire a business coach. Within 6 months I built my second multi-million dollar business: My online mentorship program Pretty Rich Bosses.

Through my online coaching program I have helped thousands of beauty entrepreneurs scale their beauty businesses to multiple 6 and 7 figures. Today, my mission is to help you become a self-made millionaire with a wildly successful beauty business so that you can be free to live life on your own terms.


Pretty Rich Bosses is a female led, female powered company of 35 mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. We have helped hundreds of women directly through our 1:1 mentorship program to grow and scale their businesses to multiple 6 and 7 figures. We have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of women through our free content.

We value courage, tenacity, and resourcefulness, we value doing it messy, doing it scared, and doing it anyway. Our mission at Pretty Rich Bosses is to radically transform the personal economy of 1 million female entrepreneurs through financial & business education and mentorship.

We believe that when women are financially empowered global economies shift and generational familial curses are lifted. Our vision for the future is for women to have the money and power to become decision makers and leaders to the great benefit of their local communities.

How We Can Help

We believe that 6-figure beauty businesses should be the norm. The secret to unlocking financially successful beauty business is replicating a repeatable system that works. 

Through 1:1 and group mentorship, we have helped hundreds of permanent makeup artists, aestheticians, injectors, nail technicians, hair stylists and other beauty professionals scale their businesses to 6 figures and beyond within months.

We do this through our 3-pillar system.

Marketing & Branding

We help you build your brand to position yourself as the best option and stand out from the competition.

Conversion Conversations

We show you step by step how to turn on the tap to get more leads, improve your conversion rates & close more sales.

Conversion Conversations

We have a team of coaches so you have the best fit coach you can guide you step by step to gain clarity, execute with accountability, and surpass your goals.

The Pretty Rich Podcast exists to equip female entrepreneurs with the tools to create a life that’s pretty rich in all areas! Rich in wealth, spirit, beauty, fitness & relationships.

Listeners learn actionable strategies about business, marketing, mindset, building a brand, self awareness, tribes, laugh and cry as they cover it all.